Wild Game Masterclass
Premieres Monday 7P ET

English restaurateur and hunter Mike Robinson is one of Britain's most prominent game chefs, and he co-owns the only pub in Britain with a prestigious Michelin-star.

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DIY: Prime Tips for Prime Cuts from Venison Hindquarters

Processing the rear legs of a deer may seem daunting, but these tips make butchering easy.

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Man Eats Wild

Monday 7:30P ET
Follow hardcore adventurer and award-winning restaurateur Mario Kalpou on an action-packed journey across the globe.

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Armscor VRF14 Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Review: One Serious Firearm

The Armscor VRF14 is the first semi-automatic short barrel firearm of its kind; it boasts a familiar pistol-style grip so you can shoot 12GA shells from the hip. Here's a full review.

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